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Hey there fashion lovers!
It seems that the last couple of years has all been about hair colour! Whether that means ombre, red, pink, black, green, blue, blonde, full head or dip-dyed the hair colour trends have gone crazy. From celebrities to my best friends everyone seems to have hit the bottle (and that’s the hair dying type by the way!). Obviously beauty and fashion go hand in hand so I’ve done a bit of research into some celebrities who have dyed their hair and had a look at their style to match!

Firstly we have the fabulous Miss Kelly Osbourne. Kelly made the big move and decided to dye her hair lilac! A few years ago I would of thought lilac would be a definite no no but now it seems to be the coolest hair colour around. The lilac hair matches Kelly’s style perfectly- slightly quirky, cool and edgy. Kelly seems to have embraced this hair colour (however her mum did apparently hate the colour at first) having had this colour for a while. I think it suits her perfectly – not everyone can pull off such a daring colour!

The beautiful Ariana Grande also has a mighty fine barnet. Whether dyed or not Ariana’s hair is fabulous but for the purposes of this post I’m talking about when her hair was red. For any of you who don’t know, Ariana Grande is an American actress and singer. Ariana’s hair colour stands out and looks beautiful either up or down. Plus her hair fits in perfectly with her style and personality looking cute and beautiful – not to mention that the red lipstick with the hair is total style tip! Ariana’s first single ‘The Way’ is out now. Check it out!

The last to add to the hair colour ‘crew’ is Little Mix. Little Mix -consisting of Perrie, Leigh Anne, Jesy and Jade- all love a bit of hair dying now and again. Perrie loves the dye bottle more than the rest having had lilac hair and pink dip-dyed hair. Just like Kelly Osbourne the lilac seems to be really working and yet again matches her quirky, unique style perfectly. Leigh Anne has definitely not played with the dye bottle half as much Perrie although she has previously had her hair red. Although red did suit her I love the curls, which 100% match her bubbly personality. Jesy Nelson has also had her hair a few different colours (blond highlights on X Factor) but currently Jesy’s sporting the red ‘lioness curls’. I’m loving the red, in my opinion she’s rocking it much better than the blond highlights! Jade has played a bit with her hair shades, having previously had red/pink/burgundy shades but has now dyed the majority of her hair electric blue. I’m still a bit reserved about what I think. I’m definitely sitting on the fence with this one- nice hair colour but I’m not sure if it actually suits her style and personality. So basically what I’m trying to say is that Little Mix like their hair dye!

I am loving the hair colour changes at the moment – every colour seems acceptable! The thing is some people just don’t get it right! Make sure you seriously consider what colour you are going to dye your hair before you actually do it. Oh, and I would suggest you get permission from your parents before you dye your hair- you know, just a tip!

If you have dyed hair or love a celebrities hair colour then send me a picture on twitter @madfashionlover Also make sure to leave a comment below (or tweet me) saying your thoughts and opinions on my blog!

Have a FAB weekend and my next post will be on Monday!
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