Stitch it yourself!

Hey there fashion lovers!
I’ve always been a lover of DIY fashion and after the finale of The Great British Sewing Bee I thought it was the perfect time to write a post on it! Firstly- sewing is not only a grandma’s hobby! Sewing is becoming increasingly popular among young and trendy fashion lovers. Anything is possible with sewing whether you want to make a dress, alter a skirt or decorate a bag. I would urge anyone who hasn’t tried sewing to give it a go – it’s really not that hard!

My favourite thing about sewing is that you can create whatever you want. No longer do you have to hunt high and low for that ‘perfect dress’. Why not buy a dress and then make it into the ‘perfect dress’? You can add studs, beads, sequins, embroidery anything you want to make that garment ‘WOW’. And the best thing of all? No-one else will look the same!
Sewing 3

Don’t forget it’s not just about adding to a piece of clothing. I know that EVERYONE has that piece of clothing which doesn’t quite fit – sewing is perfect! Pick up that needle and it will literally take 5 minutes to hem up some trousers or make you dress slightly smaller!

Join the trend (and not to mention fabulous hobby) of sewing! Eva Longoria, Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes and Hilary Duff have all been rumoured to be keen sewers with Katie Holmes (ex wife of Tom Cruise) even sewing her own dress for an awards ceremony, amazing!

I challenge you all in the next month to show your creativity and sew something! Whether that’s a cushion or adding some beads to a bag let your sewing skills shine! Be sure to tweet me a picture of your finished master piece to @madfashionlover I’ll be posting my own creations in a months time – I would love to show your pictures too!

Oh, make sure you take a look at these short clips from The Great British Sewing Bee! They’ll hopefully give you some inspiration and guidance into how to get started!

Have an amazing weekend, my next post will be on Monday!
Jodie xo

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