Stylish Skirts which are BANG on trend

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First of all I would like to hugely apologise for this post being so late. Computers are just the most annoying machines ever. But anyway…

Today I have decided to write about one of my favourite fashion garments ever… SKIRTS! In recent years skirts have seemingly got more popular hitting nearly every fashion catwalk. However I hadn’t realised, there is over 15 different types of skirts! But today I’m going to write about my 3 favourite skirts on the market so take a look below to see them and 3 celebrities who wear them!

So my first and favourite skirt is the skater skirt!
Skater skirts have seemed to take the fashion world by storm marching onto the catwalks and high streets alike. It’s now not possible to take a walk down the road and not come across a female swaying along in a skater skirt. They are adored especially by the teenage market – tucking a baggy print t-shirt into them or a crop top seems to be the latest style.

Celebrities have also taken to the skater skirt with people such as Little Mix and Caroline Flack being seen in them. Here’s a picture of Jade Thirlwall (from Little Mix) who is wearing a skater skirt which I adore! Using the skirt to complete her goth look makes her look very on trend!


Another skirt which I love has to be the split skirt!
Split skirts have been an on off trend for a while but they now seem to be sticking and have become favourites with the likes of Rihanna and J-Lo. They show a bit of leg whilst still looking elegant. Like skater skirts, split skirts have made their way onto our high streets. Rihanna in particular has launched her own River Island Collection which seems to be loaded with split skirts and dresses.

Rihanna has been like the marketing lady of split skirts, wearing them on practically every occasion possible. Here’s a picture of her wearing a split skirt and even making it into a relaxed ‘casual cool’ outfit.


The long lasting pencil skirt!
Pencil skirts have been around for what feels like forever and they certainly don’t look like they are going to fade away. Obviously pencil skirts made it on to the catwalk in a variety of styles – peplum, midi (or calf length) and the classic knee length. Adding a twist to the pencil skirt is this seasons style whether that is wearing it short/long or in metallic/leather. You don’t have to look far to find a pencil skirt on the high-street, but don’t forget a pencil skirt is an investment piece and it is worth spending that little extra!

Hundreds of celebrities constantly wear pencil skirts. I particularly liked Katy Perry’s pencil skirt which she wore to the Kid’s Choice Awards (however I’m not so keen on the bra top!). She definitley rocks the skirt – and in a big, bright print it’s right on trend! Here’s a picture of that very outfit…

Katy perry

So there are my three favourite skirts! Think I’ve missed an important one out? Want to list me your 3 favourites? Tweet me @madfashionlover I would LOVE to hear from you!

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