A curly girls dream: I want a fringe

Hey there fashion lovers!

I first just wanted to say thank you so much for your support in reading and sharing my first post on Monday! Today I’m going to share with you my love for fringes and my own little story from a while back!

A fringe is a bold statement which affects what you wear and how you style your make-up. Essentially a fringe is regarded as a way to change up your look without taking a massive risk. Nearly every highly respected celebrity has been tempted with the idea of getting a fringe, with most of them taking to the hairdressers chair almost weekly. This is exactly why I want one. I need a change but would like my long hair to stay how it is – long (no pixie cuts or Jessie J shave offs for me, thanks). So these are some of the celebrities who inspire me to take the chop:

55th Annual Grammy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, America - 10 Feb 2013

Taylor Swift


Lea Michele



At the age of 10 I decided enough was enough, I was going to take the plunge and go for a full front fringe (my favourite fringe sort). However what I was yet to realise was that curly does not suit fringes – ever! I sat in the hairdressers chair for an hour or so waiting for my perfect fringe. What came instead was a toughly blow dried, stick straight fringe along with matching long straightened hair. I’m not going to lie, I was pleased. However the hairdressers never tell you (mine certainly don’t) what’s going to happen in the days after your haircut. Like the naive fringe lover I was, I thought it would stay straight forever. I walked out of the hairdressers with my mum and suddenly *bang* there goes my straight fringe, replaced by a frizzy mess sat on top of my head. That was the first (and last) time I have ever worn my fringe – for the next 3 months I clipped it back and waited for it to grow out.

Even with my bad fringe experience, I still love them. I just now know that I shouldn’t ever think about the idea again. Curlies do not suit fringes, unless your willing to straighten your hair everyday – and then you are not a curly! So my advice to all the curlies out there is this: Keep your curls bouncy and long, you might want straight hair but everyone else wants your hair! 

And if you are a silky straight haired reader, what are you waiting for!? That fringe that you’ve wanted for ages, or that you thought looked nice in a magazine – go to your hairdressers have a little consultation and get it cut! Seriously there is NO time to wait in the world of fashion! But from my experiences I’ve learnt that you shouldn’t try to pretend that your hair type is something it’s not!

Do you have a fabulous fringe? A hair disaster story? Or want some curly hair tips? Tweet me @madfashionlover or comment in the box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible! Tell me your views/opinions/stories and you could be featured in my next post on Friday!

Jodie xo


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